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Cutlerease® Dispensing System

Cutlerease® innovative dispensing system promotes improved hygiene and reduces the spread of germs by releasing one piece of cutlery at a time.  .


Customize your cutlery options. Cutlerease® system is so versatile, you can mix and match cutlery to meet your business needs. Want more forks than spoons? No problem. We also have a PLA cutlery option available.


For detailed specifications Click Here.

Smart-Tab® Containers

Introducing the next generation of tamper-evident food packaging. The Smart-Tab® is an intuitive tamper-evident design that simplifies both packing and lid release. Opening the container is simplified, and any tampering is clearly visible by the raised pull tab. For more details Click Here.


The innovative Smart-Tab® is consumer friendly and solves these common issues: 


- Difficulty to open

- Use of tear strips and shrink-bands that increase wastage and potential food contamination 

- Sharp edges that can cut your fingers

- Very little tamper evident indication 


For detailed specifications Click Here.



Discover 9 Ways to fresh produce; season to season. Our versatile containers enhance produce appeal. With superb clarity, your customers will buy fresh. For more details Click Here.


All produce deserves a special display.


Fresh Appearance
Staying Power
Enhances Colour
Secure Placement


The containers have secure closures and are designed for efficient stack-ability.


For detailed specifications Click Here



Renewable and compostable squat salad bowls by Eco-Products are now available in 48 and 64 oz. 


- Made with Ingeo™, a plant based plastic

- Made from 100% renewable resources

- Perfect for grab and go 

- Heat tolerance up to 40.56° Celsius (105° Fahrenheit)


For more product details:

Salad bowl bases and combos:

- 48 oz: Click Here

- 64 oz: Click Here.

Elevate your plate 

Inject some colour into every meal with the new Eco-Products  renewable and compostable cutlery. 


- Crystallised formulation adds heat tolerance up to 93.3° Celsius (200° Fahrenheit)

- Handles are now 95% stronger

- Fork tines are now 20% stronger

- Made with 100% renewable resources 

- Available in: yellow, green, coral, black, blue, and grey 


For more information, Click Here 

Drop and Go

The ultimate eco-friendly serving/catering trays have arrived. Pack up hot or cold foods, drop them off and then go. Regalia™ Half Pans and lids are strong, grease and cut resistant?. A common lid for three sizes makes stocking easy and drop-off catering even easier.


- Made from 100% renewable and reclaimed resources

- Made with sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource

Molded construction designed for strength and style

For use with hot or cold foods

- Grease and cut resistant

- Completely freezer and microwave safe


For detailed specifications:

Rectangular lids and containers Click HereClick Here, and Click Here

Taco take-out container Click Here 


New Eco-Products bowls are now available! There are coupe and noodle bowl options, and the choice of either PLA or 100% recycled content lids. 


Bases made with 100% sugarcane

- Rapidly renewable resource

- Grease and cut resistant

- Hot and cold food friendly

- Freezer safe

- Microwave safe 


For detailed specifications:

Sugarcane bowls Click Here

Recycled Content Lids Click Here


Increase your tamper evident product offering with these new Grab & Go Tamper-Visible™ containers.


Designed with POLAR PAK's BreakAway™ technology these containers have closures that prevent tampering.


These new containers are great for convenience stores and are available in convenience packs.


The 12oz 4-pocket container allows you to use your creativity in your product offering, giving your customers more variety. 


The featured 11oz Car-Cup container is designed to fit in a standard car cup holder and will hold more than just nuts - use your imagination to fill it!


The stack-ability design optimizes shelf space and improves merchandising. Tamper-Visible™ containers don't require shrink bands or tear strips. 

For more details contact your local POLAR PAK Representative.

12oz 4-Pocket Tamper-Visible™ Container: 5.97" x 6.08" x 1.54"


11oz Car-Cup Tamper-Visible™ Container: 4.29" x 4.87" x 3.43"